New England Actors' Headshot Gallery

If you’re an aspiring or established actor, you probably know that your headshot will usually be the first thing casting directors or casting agencies see when considering you for a role. Like any good headshot, an actors headshot should provide the viewer with more information than simply what someone looks like. A great headshot will tell a casting agent whether an actor literally, “looks the part”…or does not. Consequently, many actors have multiple headshots on hand in order to better conform to wildly varying potential roles.
When looking for a headshot photographer, it’s important to find someone that, first of all, puts you at ease. When a person feels comfortable (not always easy to do, when called on to “perform”) they can expect better results. Secondly, after having satisfied the first requirement, a skilled headshot or portrait photographer will be able to help you create different personas and emotions that translate to a headshot perfectly suited for a role or roles that are perfectly suited to you!
Kerry, a portrait artist at Birch Blaze Studios, has years of experience, and can not only put you at ease, but also create a vibe that gets you where you need to be. Enjoy this gallery of recent work and then visit our Headshot & Personal Branding Page to learn more about our process and book your headshot or personal branding session!