Vaughn & Co. {nh white mountains family photography}

The art of real. Studio portraiture can be amazing and we hope to do some this winter. But what says more about your life and your family, a posed photograph in a studio or what we refer to as a lifestyle photograph? You and your loved ones interacting, having fun, being who you are…but having it captured artfully. Shivani, Steven & little Vaughn were so much fun to work with. Vaughn is such a happy little guy, and obviously quite photogenic :) What a great way to document a Family vacation to the White Mountains of New hampshire, or anywhere, really. Don’t let these precious moments slip by…kids grow up so fast it makes your head spin! Give us a call today (no matter what time of year) and let’s get the ball rolling to capture the art of your family!


Creative family photography for New Hampshire and Southern MaineCreative family photography for New Hampshire and the SeacoastCreative family photography for New Hampshire and the SeacoastCreative family photography for NH, Maine & MassachusettsCreative family photography for NH, ME & MAnh-creative-family-photography_003nh-creative-family-photography_007nh-creative-family-photography_013nh-creative-family-photography_010nh-creative-family-photography_008nh-creative-family-photography_014nh-creative-family-photography_012nh-creative-family-photography_009nh-creative-family-photography_011nh-creative-family-photography_015

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